We Cover a 25mile radius from potters bar, Hertfordshire 

Yes we cover all aspects of electrical installation, maintenance & testing and inspection in the domestic and commercial sectors  

First off check your consumer unit/Fuse board to see if any of the fuses/switches are down if they are switch them all off (apart from the one labeled MAIN SWITCH), then unplug all appliances from the sockets once that is done head back to the consumer unit and  turn them all back on, one by one. If all of the switches stay up it is an appliance problem so plug appliances back in one by one, If the switches do not stay up please get in touch by visiting our Contact Us section.

We are fully insured for up to £2,000,000 public liability & £300,000 professional indemnity 

Check on your Consumer unit/Fusebox and there should be sticker which tells you the recommend re test date. An electrical installation should be tested at a maximum period of every 10 years or change of occupancy for households domestic Dwellings. 5 years for commercial sectors (shops, offices, schools, hospitals).

Generally speaking a re-wire last between 25-35 years, so if your property was rewired in the mid 80's chances are you may require a re-wire, if you are un sure contact us today and we can help you through every step of the process, we can also offer free visual inspections. 

No you do not have to move out of your property we have done over 15 occupied re-wires and can cater to your needs and complete occupied installations in just 3days to minimize distribution.